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1. Arduino Project
I started this Arduino project with the objective to be able to login to an ethernet server on my home network and turn a computers power on and off. I have an old server that I seldom need and I don't want to leave running all of the time but ...
by Rudebastard on 03/10 03:53PM - Story - 7,554 Hits
2. Do Not Watch this Video
by Rudebastard on 10/25 09:47AM - Story - 3,173 Hits
3. Chewbacca
by Rudebastard on 05/04 11:18AM - Story - 3,996 Hits
4. Another Pizza Rip
The spouse picked up a World Table brand pizza based on the photo on the box. As you may have guessed the actual pizza had much to be desired. See the photos below. Here is the box Here is the cooked ...
by Rudebastard on 01/29 07:37PM - Story - 3,162 Hits
5. 462 MPH is Fast
by Rudebastard on 11/19 10:07AM - Story - 2,721 Hits
6. What happens During the Commercial Break
I always wondered if Bill and Dominique did this kind of thing.
by Rudebastard on 11/11 10:03AM - Story - 7,765 Hits
7. Rocky
by Rudebastard on 01/25 01:20PM - Story - 2,383 Hits
9. Fart Info
by Rudebastard on 10/06 07:28AM - Story - 4,701 Hits
Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties and local pubs to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman. A date rape drug on the market called Beer is used by many females to target unsuspecting men. The drug is generally found ...
by Rudebastard on 07/28 01:13PM - Story - 2,746 Hits
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